HYD Cop's Remarkable Request to the Family ManHave you ever encountered a policeman in Hyderabad? Well, many people would have seen only the rough and tough policemen who would scare the hell out of you. And imagine if being caught riding 5 on a two-wheeler, that too without a helmet!

That should be the worst day, is it? Yet, people won’t change and keep disrespecting and violating the traffic rules. Having seen tonnes of people who have deaf years when it comes to the traffic safety, this Hyderabad policeman probably tried out the polite request with this citizen asking him to drive safe.

As you see in the picture the family man is riding his motorcycle with three kids and a woman and he is not wearing a helmet. How safe is that? There are all possibilities of a bad ride here. The cop is seen folding hands requesting the rider to follow traffic etiquette. Hope at least this method makes some difference. Poor inspector, how annoyed he should have been!