Huzurabad Exit Polls: Surprising Result On The WayHuzurabad by-election was necessitated following Eatala Rajender’s controversial exit from the TRS. He then joined BJP and contested in the Huzurabad by-election. TRS chief KCR took the election prestigiously and even announced Dalit Bandhu scheme to attract the voters ahead of Huzurabad by-elections.

However, the latest exit poll surveys pertaining to Huzurabad by polls are implying that a surprising result is on cards.

Mission Chanakya, which has excellent track record when it comes to exit polls has stated that Eetala Rajender will win the Huzurabad by-election with 35,000 – 42,000 votes majority.

Public Pulse, Aatmasakshi, Political Lab, and HMR Research have also predicted a comfortable victory for BJP’s Eatala. Naganna(Third Vision) is the only one who claimed that TRS will be winning the election. While 5 agencies have predicted a BJP win, one solitary individual has predicted a TRS win.

Usually, the ruling party of the state has a sizeable advantage when it comes to by-election. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with TRS in Huzurabad now. The KCR-led party appears to be heading for a defeat, or at least that is what the exit polls are implying.

Huzurabad election results will be out on the 2nd of November.