Hussainsagar cleaning hits a roadblock straight away!The prestigious Hussainsagar cleaning project taken up by the Telangana government hit a roadblock in the starting itself. The government is undertaking deslitation of the lake so that it can be emptied, dried and later replaced by fresh water. But on a complaint, National Green Tribunal ordered the testing of the soil.

After some tests, it is revealed that the soil removed from Hussainsagar will pollute the land where it is disposed. The government ran out of ideas regarding how to dispose the removed soil and so put the project on hold now. Hussainsagar Lake once served the drinking needs of the surrounding people until 1930.

Later several industries that came up in the surroundings filled it with wastes contaminating it fully. Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao after coming to power took a pledge to save the lake and make it a fresh water lake. The government even took the help of foreign agencies. But now it is put on hold.