Indian_Tanvi_Marupally_Missing_USATanvi Marupally, the 14-year-old who went missing from her school in Conway, Arkansas, on January 17 is still amiss. It is known that she ‘disappeared’ after school as she feared her family being deported to India if in case her father lost his tech job.

Despite various appeals by the police, her parents, and well-wishers, Tanvi’s whereabouts are unknown and the family is concerned. Her mother lost her job a while back and had to stay in India for a year before returning as a dependent of her father.

Tanvi is said to have been reluctant to the very idea of going to India, though her father says that losing her job is not an immediate concern. The local police continue to remain positive and hope to reunite Tanvi with her family.

The CPD says they have asked US Marshals Service and the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children for helping them find Tanvi. The teenager’s parents have announced a $5000 reward to whoever finds her or can give details of spotting her.