Now that the state division is done and the dust of bifurcation is slowly settling in the heat of elections. The after effects of the bifurcation will be only felt after the formation of two governments in the two regions. And the interesting question will be the mood of settlers in Telangana. Settlers from Seema Andhra have reasonable presence in and around Hyderabad. Their mandate will be crucial for handful of seats present in their area.

The most common doubt every settler here face is about the protection from the Telangana government. Seeds of hatred is sown in the hearts of Telangana people and it has to be seen how they react under their ‘own’ government. Parties like TDP and Congress hope that settlers do favour them to get some sort of protection. However, there are other doubts as well. Settlers fear backlash of Settler constituencies from TRS government (if formed) for not voting them. They fear their constituencies may be totally ignored.