How-Will-Indo---Pak-War-Impact-Andhra-Pradesh--ElectionsThe Clouds of war are all over the Line of Control, the Border of India and Pakistan. The tension is likely to escalate to a War if the situations are to go by. War is likely to postpone the upcoming General Elections and Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections by some Six Months or so. Also, war will change the political landscape across the country.

It will have implications in Andhra Pradesh as well. People are already gushing with Hyper-Nationalism and this may increase several folds if the war becomes imminent. Across the country including Andhra Pradesh, the rest of the issues will take backseat and BJP will gain immensely.

BJP put up a very good show in Andhra Pradesh in the immediate elections after Kargil War. If something similar happens, it will change the political equations in Andhra Pradesh. There is already chaos in AP Political Sphere where a formidable party like Janasena in the fray. It is not clear from where Janasena cuts its votes.

Now, BJP will also share the Vote Bank from TDP and YSR Congress. That will make the election totally unpredictable and may also lead to hung like situation. At the National level, BJP may also get the majority on their own once again which will be fatal for the prospects of Andhra Pradesh.