Chandrababu Naidu - YS JaganWhen YSR Congress had its plenary last month, the party is brimming with confidence. They were very confident that anti-incumbency will work in its favor and the confidence only doubled as Nandhyal is traditionally a stronghold of YSR Congress due to a significant presence of Minorities.

But then, things have changed drastically and a good lot of them due to Jagan himself. He went on making comments like ‘Shoot Down Chandrababu’, ‘Hang Chandrababu’ and ‘Strip Chandrababu’. TDP grabbed the opportunity with both the hands and painted Jagan as a factionist.

The neutral voters were left with a question – If there is no guarantee for the life of a Chief Minister, what about us? Jagan’s Past image also has no answers for it. Nandhyal by-election is necessitated due to Bhuma Nagi Reddy’s demise and naturally, sympathy will play its role.

But then, YSR Congress Star Campaigner, Roja went on to criticize Akhila Priya’s attire which only increased the sympathy factor. Women voted in big numbers in the election and that sealed the fate of YSR Congress. How to Lose an Election? Dummies Guide by YS Jagan (Available for Free on all News Channels’ Youtube Channels).