How Roja managed relief in Court?Until now we have heard things like Courts can not interfere in the jurisdiction of Assembly or the proceedings inside the house. Hyderabad high court issued a stay on the suspension of YSR Congress MLA, Roja. This came as a surprise for many about why did court interfere in something that happened in the Assembly. Here we are explaining that.

Assembly is well within the rules to suspend any member. But while Roja is suspended from one year, the rule that is quoted in the house is wrong. According to that particular rule, a member can only be suspended for the ongoing session. If the suspension is for an year, another rule has to be evoked there.

So the government got it wrong there. If Roja was suspended according to the right rule, the courts would not have interfered. So, a technical issue worked in favour of Roja here. Reports are emerging that the house may consider correcting the mistake and suspend Roja yet again under the right rule. Then Roja may have to stay away from the house for an year!