YS-Jagan---Pawan-KalyanJagan’s personal comments on Pawan Kalyan calling his marital life and the political life a polygamy are buzzing all over the state. Though there were differences between the duo for the obvious reasons, Jagan kind of seemed to have got very much irate with Pawan this time. After all, what made him burst out like that?

Pawan Kalyan portrayed Jagan and YSRCP as cowards saying ” If I was in his place, I wouldn’t have run away like Jagan, but would have stood still.” These comments pissed off Jagan and made him attack Pawan in all means. Calling it unfortunate to listen to the speeches of a person like Pawan who has no values, he said that Pawan has never maintained constant relationships politically and personally.

“He changes wives as if changing a car,” Jagan quoted and that it gives him the pain to see such people in politics and to give answers to their comments. In one way this is such an entertainment for the people to see two opposition parties digging out each other’s histories.