Election in Andhra Pradesh had become a costly affair. According to an estimate, in 2009 a whopping 4000 Crore was spent for the last election and this time the election expense is expected to touch 6000-7000 Crore. It is said that an average of 6-7 Crores are being spent for an Assembly constituency and 25 Crore for a Parliament seat. So the parties are keen to rope in as many businessmen as possible.

While the majority of money go in the form of cash and other freebies to voters. Candidates are also required to pay off campaign workers , purchase campaigning material like banners, flexies and fuel for vehicles etc. The campaign cost per day will be up to 3-5 Lakhs a day. This will cover the daily wage of 300 to campaign workers, their food and liquor. Fuel expenses of Vehicles will be an extra.

All of the candidates contesting spend money to the level of their expectations to win. If a candidate wins, he can easily rake in the money invested and some times earn more than 3-5 times the money spent. In few constituencies, candidates are required to pay some money for party fund too. MP candidates have to invest money for Assembly segments if the candidate happens to be not financially sound.