How-Long-YSR-Congress-Can-Close-It-Eyes-in-the-BattleCall it a coincidence or a routine, the topic of Conversions is at the helm with YSR Congress coming to Power. Jagan believed that he lost 2014 due to the same image and so had taken several corrective measures. Once in Power, the Topic comes back to haunt with several incidents. The Government is also dolling out sops to the Christian Community.

Recently, the Hashtag #SaveHindusFromJaganReddy trended at the Top Position of the National-wide trend. Like always the Jagan’s Ministers have bashed TDP and Yellow Media. But then, what has happened is totally different. The trend was started by the BJP’s Social Media Wing.

It is not even the work of the local supporters. We can clearly see the North people aggressively tweeting and trending the Topic. But then, YSR Congress is targeting only TDP. The TDP supporters also participated in the trending but their contribution is only a minimum.

BJP National Social Media participating in an anti-Jagan trend is a clear indication of things to come but in a bid not to mess with the Central Government, Jagan is continuing to ignore the BJP. But the question is how long can YSR Congress close its eyes in a battle?