How KCR Missed the All Important Underdog Theory?

How KCR Missed the All Important Underdog Theory?Ahead of KCR’s Kodangal Meeting, High Tension Prevailed in the Constituency as Revanth Reddy was taken into Preventive custody in the early hours of today to ensure that he does not disrupt the meeting. The local Police have imposed Section 144 in the constituency and that has come as a Self-Goal now.

When Section 144 is in effect, no public congregation is allowed. But here the police have given permission for KCR’s Public Meeting which is clearly against the rules. On the other side, Revanth Reddy family members have recorded the videos of Police barging into their bedroom and taking Revanth Reddy forcibly into their custody.

Usually, such visuals always help the person in question and on this occasion, KCR’s miscalculation or the enthusiasm of the Police have gained a few hundred votes if not more for Revanth Reddy and Party. While the entire establishment is against a Single Person, History says People are always with the Underdog.

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