Andhra Pradesh Development StandstillAndhra Pradesh High Court is making crucial comments in the daily hearings of petitions filed against moving Capital from Amaravati in the name of three capitals. Today, the Chief Justice has raised a doubt about how the Judicial Capital is Possible in Kurnool without the High Court.

“What is Judicial Capital in the first place? The act does not mention about Kurnool being the judicial Capital. The High Court will continue in Amaravati until the President gives his nod and Center releases the notification. Only Lokayukta and Human Rights Commission are moved to Kurnool. What is a Judicial Capital without High Court?,” the Chief Justice asked.

“This decision of Andhra Pradesh High Court can bring a divide between Kurnool and other areas of the state,” the Chief Justice has opined. Shyam Diwan, the Supreme Court Advocate representing the farmers told that a decision has been taken once regarding Amaravati and the High Court and it should not be changed.

“Executive, Judiciary, and Legislative should all function from one place. Only then, it can be called a Capital. The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act should be amended to take AP High Court to Kurnool,” the advocate informed the court. The judgment in this important case is likely to be for Sankranthi.