ys sharmila Krishna waterA small commotion has happened at YS Sharmila’s residence in Lotus Pond, Hyderabad. Rayalaseema farmers have protested against Sharmila’s attitude towards Krishna waters. Sharmila recently announced on Twitter that she would fight for the interests of Telangana in the wake of water disputes between the Telugu states.

She also added that she would oppose anyone for the sake of Telangana. She tweeted that she would not tolerate a single drop of injustice to Telangana in water allocations. Outraged by her statement, the farmers arrived at Sharmila’s residence and protested.

Sharmila’s party leaders tried to convince the farmers saying that Sharmila’s tweet is misunderstood. The Amravati Parirakshana Samiti also participated in the protest. They demanded that Sharmila should remember that she is a Rayalaseema Bidda and they asked her not to take an anti-Andhra stance.

But then, who are these people who do not protest at the houses of the ruling party leaders and protest at Sharmila’s residence who may be ranked the last in the Opposition of Telangana. How does her opinion matter in the dispute?

https://twitter.com/realyssharmila/status/1409465863057534978ys sharmila Krishna water