How Did YSR Become God To Roja?The happiness of Roja knows no bounds after becoming a minister. She has been on a temples-visiting spree and she piped all other ministers to visit Idupulapaya today.

She paid homage to Late YSR and went on showering praises on the former Chief Minister.

“I am so unfortunate to not work with YSR. I admire him a lot and he even invited me into the Congress party but passed away, unfortunately,” Roja said.

“YSR is my god. I came here for his blessings. Even though I am not fortunate enough to work with YSR, I became a minister with Jagan’s blessings. I am so lucky to work in his cabinet,” Roja added.

Interestingly, Roja is speaking as if she is a born fan of YSR. But the fact is that Roja was in TDP when YSR was the Chief Minister and even badmouthed YSR a lot.

“You are already a minister. Jagan can only make you the CM next. So, there is no use of so much buttering,” even YSR Congress supporters mock her overenthusiasm.

But then, politics is as such. Particularly Telugu politics are witnessing a never-before-seen trend of defection politics.

There are no permanent friends and enemies.