KCR-metro-railTelangana State Government and the concessionaire of Hyderabad Metro Rail Project were at loggerheads over the proposed alignment changes for the project at three places. L&T has been saying that the changes will increase the project costs as well as timelines for completion. But all of sudden, L&T agreed for the changes and even apologized for their letters in which they offered to withdrew from the project.

Sources say that KCR successfully lured the construction major with two tempting offers. Firstly, they offered to bear the complete loss due to the changes. More money will mean more profits for the concessionaire. The second promise is a very irresistible one. It is known that KCR government has announced plans of building several skyscrapers around Hussaisagar lake. KCR government promised L&T to give the skyscrapers project in return for this favour.

L&T Chairman A.M. Naik in his media interaction on Saturday after the meeting with the State government evinced interest in the proposal to construct skyscrapers around Hussainsagar lake with an assurance that they would complete the first phase of the Metro Rail project in time.On the other side, KCR alleged that Metro Rail works were progressing at a better pace than in the past in Telangana State but it is the ‘Andhra media’ which is trying to create doubts among people by running a misinformation campaign.