Himanshu Rao Kalvakuntla - KCRHimanshu Rao Kalvakuntla, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s grandson, has been chosen for the Diana Award for his initiative titled ‘SHOMA’. Named after Diana, Princess of Wales, the Diana Award honors young people who work to improve the lives of others.

The award recognizes social or humanitarian work done by young people aged 9 to 25. Himanshu reportedly is working in two villages of his grandfather’s Gajwel district – Gangapur and Yosufkhanpally to make them self-sustainable. “Many congratulations Bink on the recognition! Onwards & upwards Thumbs up #ProudFather, ” Himanshu’s father, KTR tweeted on this achievement.

But then, there has been a divided response about this achievement. While the pro-TRS people were saying ‘Like father, like son’ and ‘Like grandpa, like grandson’, others were asking the source of income for these works. “It is obvious that Himanshu has no source of income. Most likely it is publicity with government money,” they criticize.

“I have over 1000 notifications from Twitter. So I wanted to thank you all for your encouraging me to do more for the underprivileged and provide the best of service for the needy! I’ve received a few tweets filled with hatred as well, so for all those, I wanted to say Keep trying (sic),” replied Himanshu.