How Capital Real Boom saved AP's finances?Cash strapped Andhra Pradesh’s finances were supported from falling by the state’s registration department. The department registered 2820 Crore income in 2014-15 which is 1024 Crore higher than 2013-14. This sudden increase may be attributed to the real estate boom in with the speculations on the capital.

Krishna (478.59 Crore) and Guntur (432.75 Crore) stood in the first two places in contributing to the registrations boom indicating the capital effect. Vishakapatnam (409.54 Crore) which also experienced the real boom post the bifurcation stood in the third place. The registrations income increased from July revealing the effect of bifurcation.

For 2015-16, a mammoth target of 3500-3800 Crore is set for the registrations, with the capital construction to begin this year, Government believes that it should be a very easy target to achieve.