How Can Jagan Think So Cheap?It is known to our readers that Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had survived a landmine blast in Alipiri way back in 2003. Since then, Naidu has had Z+ security.

TDP leader Chintakayala Vijay made a stunning allegation.

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“Recently I have seen a few guys wearing black attire in Jagan security, only a few leaders in India have NSG one of them is CBN but Jagan has taken it as ego and informed the police to get 4 black dresses for security, it’s like catfight how can CM think this cheap? unprecedented,” Vijay tweeted.

It definitely sounds silly. We do not know if the allegation is true but we have seen some of Jagan’s security wearing black dresses in recent times.

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Z+ category is a security detail of 150 personnel, including 10+ NSG commandos and police personnel.

For the Chief Ministers, the Central Government does not give security. It is the duty of the State Government.

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