How-Amaravati-Farmers-Are-Fighting-A-Lost-CauseIt is interesting to see how Governments operate in India. Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy hints at Three Capitals idea days before GN Rao Committee submits its report and then the committee claims that they maintained 100% secrecy until the report is submitted. Boston Consulting Group finishes its study in a couple of weeks and gives a similar report.

The High Power Committee appointed to look into both these reports sat for its first meeting on Tuesday. Before they started work, they reportedly took a unanimous decision to commit to Decentralization. They have then decided to meet twice or thrice before submitting their final report to the Government.

If they pass a resolution to commit to Decentralization, then the outcome is pretty evident. Meanwhile, the oral instructions about the shifting of the Secretariat are also given and the buildings in Vishakapatnam are being scouted. This very much indicates that it is a political decision and all the process that is being followed is just an eye-wash.

As of now, the Government is planning to table the High Power Committee Report in the Cabinet on 18th and the Assembly will convene on the same day to approve the trifurcation of the capital. With 152 MLAs on the Government’s side, it is a mere formality. This means Amaravati farmers are fighting a lost cause unless the courts intervene.