Tiger Attacks Woman,Tiger Attacks Woman Video China,Tiger Attacks Woman Viral Video, Tiger Attacks Woman Video Beijing Safari Park,Tiger Mauled Woman VideoAnother video went viral on social media; a woman in China was mauled by a tiger at the popular tourist destination Badaling Wildlife World and the whole incident was captured on camera. The horrifying incident happened at the park near the foot of the Great Wall last Saturday when the woman and her family were on a safari tour.

Tourists have been warned repeatedly to not get out of the vehicle in which they are travelling, yet the woman stepped out of her car and was immediately attacked by the tiger. We hear that a heated argument with her fellow tourists compelled her to leave the car. Another member of her family was also severely injured in an effort to save her.

While the woman died on the spot, the man was taken to a hospital with the help of the park staff and is currently being treated.