Honey-Trapped Indian Caught An Indian national was caught by a well-planned covert operation by Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) for trying to smuggle Rs 28 crore worth of cocaine into the country. The man was caught with 2.810 kg of cocaine, which is worth Rs 28.10 crore in the international illicit drug market, into the country.

The man was taken into custody and has been remanded for 14 days in custody. Meanwhile, the man claimed to have been honey-trapped into committing the offense. According to AIU officials, the cocaine was concealed in layers in a specially designed duffel bag.

The man said he became friends with a woman on Facebook who offered him a job. However, later he got into intimate talk with her and was honey-trapped. Once he fell prey, he was made to carry cocaine from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. AIU officials shared that cocaine was packed in cloth samples and that the parcel was supposed to be delivered to a person in Delhi.