TDP_Jaydev_GallaGalla Jayadev won from Guntur Parliament for the second time in 2019. Despite huge anti-wave prevailing in the state, Jayadev steered to safety in the Parliament. After the election, Jagan Government is after Jayadev’s Amara Raja factories in AP.

Jayadev is fighting a legal battle against the Government. It is also observed that he has become politically less active after that issue with the Government.

Back then, there were rumors that he would join BJP to save his companies. But then, elections are so close now and the BJP option may be ruled out.

There were also rumors that Jayadev or his mother Galla Aruna would contest from their native, Chandragiri against YCP’s Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy.

Lokesh recently toured Chandragiri in his Yuva Galam Padayatra and has confirmed Pulivarthi Nani as the party’s candidate. So, the homecoming is ruled out for Galla.

And then, there are rumors that he may totally quit politics to save his business interests.

Probably, we will have clarity over that in days to come as elections are fast approaching.