Hindupur: YCP Harassing People For Voting Balayya?Nandamuri Balakrishna is one of the very few TDP leaders who withstood the YSR Congress wave in the 2019 elections. He is only one of the three MLAs the party has in the Rayalaseema region.

He has even managed to better his 2014 majority despite YSR Congress ensuring a massive campaign against him years before the election.

Hindupur is a bastion of TDP since its inception. Meanwhile, there are reports that the YSR Congress is harassing people of the constituency for voting TDP repeatedly.

Municipalities are struggling with a lack of funds for three years. Little progress has been made. Even emergency work is very difficult.

Recently, Hindupur municipality got some little amounts as the 15th Finance Commission funds were sanctioned and general funds were available to some extent.

But people were dissatisfied that little work had not been done,

The officials who are supposed to carry out planned construction works of sewers and roads wherever necessary are unwisely proposing the funds succumbing to political pressure.

In non-emergency areas, where there are one or two houses, roads are being constructed by spending lakhs of rupees. Works are being done at the houses of ruling party leaders. As a result, work is not being done where it is needed.

“YSR Congress is anyways not confident of winning this constituency. So, they are harassing people for voting to TDP,” the public in the constituency is saying.