YSRCP MP-Gorantla-Madhav-KuruvaHindupur MP Madhav got a ticket after he locked horns with JC Brothers during his stint as CI between 2014-19. Madhav took VRS and joined YSR Congress. In Jagan’s wave, he became the MP of Hindupur.

After coming to power, Madhav is in one controversy or the other every time. We have seen him tormenting Kia Motors officials on Live TV.

And then, there is that vulgar video call issue. Recently, we have seen him troubling the house owner who gave him the house for rent in Hindupur. There are numerous other issues surrounding Madhav. Even the YSRCP cadre is not happy about him.

It is almost certain that Madhav can not win from Hindupur. He is now eyeing the Pattikonda constituency ticket.

Madhav is from Rudravaram in the Kurnool district. His Kuruva community is also in an influential position in the constituency. So, he wants to contest from there even though Pattikonda has YSR Congress MLA with Cherkulapadu Sridevi.

But the party’s high command is in doubt if Madhav can win from anywhere especially after the vulgar video call issue. So, his fate hangs in balance for now.