Nandamuri_Balakrishna_HindupurYSR Congress tried all tricks in the trade to defeat Nandamuri Balakrishna in Hindupur in the 2019 election. But the actor got elected with a better majority in the election.

Mohammed Iqbal who lost against Balakrishna was made an MLC so as to give him some sort of strength to take on Balakrishna and ready at least for the 2024 elections.

But it looks like things are not well YSR Congress in Hindupur.

The other day, YSR Congress leaders of Hindupur called a meeting against MLC Iqbal.

Twenty councilors and a few Mandal and town-level leaders have tried to meet Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy.

They have reached Tadepalli in special buses and complained about Iqbal to Sajjala Rama Chandra Reddy.

“If non-local like Iqbal is appointed as the party in charge, he is keeping away those who worked for the party. He got a coterie around him and ruling. We can not tolerate him. His unofficial PAs are resorting to all kinds of nonsense,” they told Sajjala.

Sajjala promised to look into the issue once Jagan is back from his Davos trip.

The groups of YSR Congress in the constituency may have a hattrick to Balakrishna if not rightly addressed.