Hillarious Usage of 2000 Rupees Note by a CabbieThis Uber Cab driver has got the most benefit out of demonetization. One would be wondering how would demonetization be a benefit factor to anyone apart from the noble cause of eradicating corruption. Here is how it is.

An Uber cab driver asked the customer if he has a 2000 note at a toll and offered the note to the toll guy in order to pay the charge. The toll guy who obviously wouldn’t have change for such a big number has denied taking the note and waved his charge off. The toll guy actually let the cab go without paying the toll.

The above incident was shared by a twitter user Krish Ashok putting his experience on twitter wall. He should have been in an understanding that the cab driver is the only one who is doing so but with the responses that he got on the tweet, it is clear that many have experienced the same out there. The tweet has gone viral now and tons of retweets and shares are rushing onto the internet.