Hillarious tweets on Odd Even traffic chaosDelhi CM Kejriwal had come up with an idea to control the pollution levels rising in the National Capital. The state government had decided that private vehicles with odd and even registration numbers will be allowed on the roads of the national capital only on alternate days starting from 1st Jan.

Soon, Fake pics and videos posted in social networking sites against people traffic chaos resulting from Odd-even formula received hilarious response from the netizens. The people have faced the first experience of travelling in normal days after the government ambitious Odd-even formula came into force.

Someone uploaded heavy crowded pics at Rajiv Chowk station with people waiting for space in Metro train. The Delhi people started tweeting about the long wait of the people in Rajiv Chowk station resulted their beards to grown thick with pale faces. They are adding filmy style of scoop to the people’s traffic chaos.