IRCTC TrollThis guy tried to pull the Railways into embarrassment with his nasty complaint on the IRCTC ticket booking application but the railways instead trolled him to hell with people pulling his leg making him a viral counter victim of the day.

A user of IRCTC e-ticking application tweeted tagging the app official handle and the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal himself with a screenshot complaining that the app is producing some obscene and vulgar ads on his screen while he tried to access the same. He shared the screenshots of some half-naked women calling it embarrassing and asked the officials to look into it.

Now the epic reply of IRCTC has almost given him a heart attack and complete entertainment to the netizens who are trolling the guy in turn. As IRCTC handle tweeted back to the man, they taught him that they use the Google ad serving tool which uses the user’s browsing history to produce related ads.

Also suggested him to delete his such browsing history and cookies to stop receiving such ads. This could have made him kill himself and if he hadn’t, the trolls of the netizens appreciating the thug type reply of the railways have kept him to mere embarrassment instead. Know your data before you show others’.