Hilarious response to change India's name!Supreme Court rejected plea by social activist from Maharastra seeking the name change for the country. In the plea, he referred the Constituent Assembly in which the prominent suggestions for naming the country were “Bharat, Hindustan, Hind and Bharatbhumi or Bharatvarsh and names of that kind”.

Chief Justice TS Thakur and Justice UU Lalit had given hilarious response to the petitioner. They asked him straight question that whether he thinks it has nothing else to do apart from entertaining this type of PILs(public Interest Litigation). They reminded that PILs are for poor people. “if you want to call this country as Bharat, go right ahead and someone want to call this country as India, let him call it India” They said.

The plea was filed by Niranjan Bhatwal, a social activist from Maharashtra and judges told him that such type of pleas should not be entertained.