Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Ex-LoverYes, we know you are getting naughty thoughts of a steamy X-rated film. That was the case but now these pre-wedding photoshoots are getting weirder with each passing day. We all know pre-wedding shoots are a must these days and the latest trend is to include sulking ex-lovers.

While we have all come to terms with this aspect of modern-day marriages, obviously trends happen all over and a pre-wedding shoot is no exception. Only recently a couple got their wedding shoot done in iconic locales of Kolkatta. But guess what… her ex was a part of the shoot.

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Now why ex? In fact, be it the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, they get to show how heartbroken they are that their ex is getting married and the one who is getting married is laughing at his/her misery. The wedding photographers are actually surprised by the friendship that the bride, groom, and ex share.

When people saw this story on social media they started to give their hilarious reactions. One netizen was wondering which self-respecting ex would agree to such a photo shoot. Another one said, “Lmao this is satire waiting to be made. TikTok Memes have found their way in Photoshoots.” Some netizens said, “This is worse than any April Fool Joke!”

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Well, the times, have changed and this is one new trend as Indians are hungry for masala entertainment this trend might just catch on!

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