Hilarious!-B.Com-Physics-MLA-Jaleel-Khan's-Does-It-Again!For many, the name “Jaleel Khan” may not ring a bell, but B.Com physics MLA would definitely tickle your laughing senses for sure. That viral video of him was too funny for words where the TDP MLA brought Physics into B.Com and tried to cover up his fumble.

Well, the Youtube star is back again with yet another hilarious video to go viral. The poor TDP leader wanted to contribute to the cycle rally of the party with regards to the special status of Andhra Pradesh. Jaleel got onto the cycle to ride but apparently, either he was too heavy for himself to paddle the two-wheeler. or he didn’t know to ride one.

This led the gunman of the leader to take up the task of pushing the cycle with heavy personality on it trying hard to move the vehicle forward. Boy! that was too much fun watching Jaleel do that. Pity the gunman.