Highlights of Vote on account Budget

Finance Minister Anam Ram Narayana Reddy introduced the vote on Account Budget for the next 6 months. Since the current government will end its term, the full time budget is not allowed by the constitution. Here are the highlights of the budget:

-> Budget of 2014-15: 1,83,129 Crores
-> Planned Expenditure: 67,950 Crores
-> Unplanned Expenditure: 1,15,179 Crores
-> Revenue Surplus: 474 Crores
-> Fiscal Deficit: 25,402 Crores

Telangana Ministers earlier boycotted the Chief Minister’s Cabinet meet ahead of the vote-on-account Budget. TRS members and Congress Telangana MLAs protested in the Assembly against the resolution passed by the house (against T-Bill). So, Anam kept his Budget speech simple and the house was adjourned for Wednesday. It is customary to have one day holiday after budget introduction to allow members to go through it.