Highest-Point-of-Janasena-and-Lowest-Point-of-TDP-are-the-SameMarch 14th, 2018 may have changed the Political Scape of Andhra Pradesh. It is the fourth Formation Day of Janasena Party and the party had celebrated it in Guntur. In the huge public meeting, Pawan Kalyan for the first time launched a scathing attack on the then TDP government changing his political discourse.

Leaving aside the sanctity of the comments he made, Janasena for the first time looked like a formidable opposition and YSR Congress is also not in the best of the forms back then. But then, Pawan Kalyan spilled the opportunity as he failed to continue the heat. When asked for proofs about the allegations he made on Lokesh, Pawan just said everyone is saying that is the final nail in the coffin.

Since then, Pawan Kalyan looked like an unreliable and inconsistent politician. Janasena never recovered every after Pawan Kalyan tried to be more in the Public. Coming to TDP, the criticism of YSR Congress on the government got support in the form of Pawan Kalyan. Since Pawan Kalyan is TDP partner in 2014 elections, his criticism added credibility.

Telugu Desam Party launched an all-out attack on the Central Government on Special Status issue but surprisingly during the elections, it is not an issue. Chandrababu targeted the nexus of Jagan and KCR during the elections. Going by the results, that did not have any effect on the electorate.