Telangana Secretariat Demolition Hyderabad High Court StayHyderabad High Court has put brakes on Telangana government which is planning to demolish Secretariat Buildings as soon as possible. The case filed by Congress MLA T. Jeevan Reddy to prevent the demolition came up for hearing today and the high court will hear the matter in two weeks time.

The court meanwhile instructed the government not to take up the demolition meanwhile. The court asked the government to file a detailed counter on this issue by then. The court also categorically told that government can continue the shifting of the offices if needed.

The government counsel, Advocate General Rama Krishna Reddy went on to say that Secretariat Demolition and shifts are policy and administration matters which can not be questioned. It is known that KCR government has taken up this new secretariat as the current buildings have serious Vaastu defects and also for administration convenience.