High court interesting comments on Roja SuspensionThe complete court proceedings over YSR Congress MLA Roja’s suspension case are coming out. The high court bench hearing the case declared that the court do not support the behaviour of Roja in the house. However the court stated that Roja can not be suspended for an year over the stated Section 340(2).

The high court clearly stated that Section 340(2) mentioned during Roja’s suspension will allow a suspension only for that session. The high court only found fault with that but clearly stated that Assembly Previliges Committee is free to take a decision on Roja’s suspension well within the rules.

So, the government can take an action on Roja through previleges committee as there are several complaints pending on her with the committee. It is known that Roja is caught on video using some very personal comments on Anitha and disgraceful name calling of the Chief Minister. The all party committee appointed by the speaker to look in to the issue, also seconded the one year suspension awarded to Roja.