High Court Wrongs Jagan's Film Tickets Portal PlanThe High Court has strongly commented that the sale of movie tickets only through a government-run website will lead to a monopoly.

The court has questioned why it would be wrong for theater owners to sell tickets through their own setup websites. The state government has been asked to find a solution to the issue by next Monday.

The High Court has warned that otherwise, they would halt the execution of the respective G.O. themselves.

The bench comprising Chief Justice Prashant Kumar Mishra and Justice M Satyanarayanamurthy passed the order on Monday.

Manjeet Singh, on behalf of the Multiplex Association of India, has filed another petition in the High Court challenging G.O. 142 issued on December 17 to allow the state government to sell movie tickets online.

He said the government’s decision was an infringement on the fundamental rights of theater owners. The case will come up for hearing again in the High Court on Monday.

The government is pushing for the sale of tickets through a portal developed by Film development corporation saying that it will curb tax evasion.