YSR Congress MLA Roja high court hyderabadIn the previous hearing when Hyderabad High Court granted temporary relief to Roja from the one year suspension of Andhra Pradesh Assembly, the court clearly stated that they do not approve of Roja’s behaviour in the Assembly. And now the high court got one more instance of shock with Roja’s arrogance.

The counsel arguing on Andhra Pradesh government’s part clearly stated to the house that Roja will get relieved in this case if she apologizes in the house. However Roja’s lawyer clearly stated that their client do not have such need or idea to apologize any one in this issue, this arrogance even took the judges by surprise.

The final judgement over this appeal of the Assembly Secretary will be out today. Roja and YSR Congress is stretching this beyond the limit as she was caught red-handed on video and there will be no harm in apologizing. Even the common public are getting disturbed with this kind of behaviour in the house.