Andhra_Pradesh_High_CourtThe AP High Court has become serious over the withdrawal of cases of Public representatives belonging to the YSR Congress.

APJF President Krishnan Krishnanjaneyulu filed a petition in the High Court challenging the withdrawal of the cases against MLA Samineni Uday Bhanu.

Advocate Jada Shravanakumar argued the case on the behalf of the petitioner.

The lawyer questioned how the cases could be dismissed with the orders of the DGP and the Collector without taking the Public Prosecutor into confidence.

According to the Supreme Court orders, if the cases are to be dismissed, the permission of the High Court has to be sought, Sravankumar said.

The bench questioned how the cases were dismissed without the permission of the High Court. The High Court bench clarified that this falls under contempt of court.

It questioned how many cases have been cleared with the High Court’s approval so far. The bench ordered that an affidavit be filed stating the number of withdrawals.

Sravana Kumar brought to the notice of the bench that cases of distribution of money to voters and assaults on officials were also dismissed.

The bench clarified that it would issue directions in the case if the government did not file an affidavit.

The AP High Court adjourned the case to a later date.