YS Jagan - High CourtIn Andhra Pradesh, the government got rapped by the high court once again over the price of movie tickets. The High Court said the G.O No. 35 dismissal would apply to all theaters in the state. With this, the High Court has once again struck down G.O No. 35 issued by the government confining it to theaters that did not go to court.

It is known to our readers that the government has appealed to the division bench against the earlier dismissal of No. 35 by a single bench judge. Today, the bench hearing the prices of movie tickets is directed to appoint a committee to take a decision on sustainable prices for film tickets.

The bench also clarified that G.O. No 35 dismissal will be applicable to all areas. The Government has implemented G.O No. 35 in some areas claiming that the recent orders issued by the Division Bench apply only to the petitioners. The High Court today clarified the matter. The next hearing was adjourned to next Thursday.

The wrong interpretation of the G.O. cost Pushpa big time as it lost revenue in most theaters of Andhra Pradesh in the first weekend except for around 230 theaters that went to court. With the clarification of the court, all the theaters will be now allowed reasonable prices of 116 Rupees (for Balcony) which exists before April. This is a bit of relief for the industry even though the problem is not completely solved.