Police responsible for protecting Amaravati farmers padayatra: High CourtThe government used brute force to stop the Padayatra of Amaravati farmers. Later we have seen the ministers claiming that they do not think the Padayatra will resume.

But the High Court has given a go-ahead to the Padayatra.

The High Court dismissed the petition filed by the government seeking to stop the farmers’ Padayatra.

It has issued orders that only those with ID cards can participate in the padayatra. The court directed the police officials to provide ID cards to the farmers immediately.

During the hearing, the court said that those expressing solidarity with the farmers can express it in any form.

The bench has once again issued an order to abide by the orders given by the court in the past.

The police troubled the farmers in the name of ID cards and also, stopped other people in the name of others not allowed. With the court allowing people to express solidarity with the farmers, the Padayatra can now happen.

The Padayatra from Amaravati to Arasavelli happened for 40 days. The Police ensured a forced break to the Padayatra in the Konaseema district. The JAC will now take a decision on the resumption date.