trs kcr and ghmc electionsHyderabad High Court had fixed a deadline for the Telangana Government for conducting GHMC elections. The court instructed the reluctant government to hold the elections by DEcember 15th. It asked the government to complete the delimitation of wards by October 31st. By this move, the court had given 225 days time for the GHMC elections.

Telangana government planned to delay the election by increasing the number of wards from 150 to 200. This division will also bring political benefits to TRS as the party is planning to capture power of corporation. They said to the court that the delimitation will also delay the GHMC elections as it involves delimitation of divisions, reservation of divisions and election schedule.

The ruling party do not want to go to the election until the end of 2016 here and it is planning to establish its hold in the corporation until then. But now it is forced to complete the elections by DEcember this year. As of now, the TRS does not have representation in the 150-ward corporation.