Heroine Pushing Politician's Daughter Towards Divorce?A senior politician of Andhra Pradesh had a deep problem due to a heroine.

He is a modest man but a severe problem rang his doorbell.

This politician’s son-in-law had met this dimpled beauty at some page3 party, a few months ago.  

They became good friends and later entered into a relationship. They are said to be in a live-in relationship.

They became so close that the man is now contemplating a divorce and settling with her.

Suddenly, the politician is worried about his daughter’s life.

He is trying to have someone powerful to talk to his son-in-law and give him a Dhamki.

The heroine will also be given a Dhamki if needed so that she does not spoil married women’s lives.

This heroine previously used to work for small and medium-range films. She does not have much of success and is currently trying her luck in female-oriented films and web projects.