Police On Gorantla Madhav Nude VideoHindupur MP Gorantla Madhav got caught in a Vulgar Video Call Scandal. Luckily for Madhav, the Government has come to his rescue and gave him a clean chit.

But it is a clearly obvious issue for everyone that the video is real. YSR Congress is celebrating even this.

Madhav is coming to his constituency for the first time after this controversy.

On this occasion, a heroic welcome is planned by YSR Congress leaders and some of his caste organizations. A huge rally with more than 500 vehicles is also planned.

The rally is planned from Hyderabad airport or Bengaluru airport until his constituency.

Police have requested the MP to postpone the visit until after August 15th to make sure of the security arrangements.

As if giving clean chit in such an open case is not enough, celebrating it as a victory is horrible, to say the least.