World Famous Bike Manufacturers, Hero Motocorp has played an intelligent game with Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to get a best deal from Karnataka government. The company has first found Dharwada in Karnataka to be the best place to set up the plant but Karnataka government did not agree to give all the concessions asked by the company. Hero then played an intelligent game announcing the plans for expansion in Public.

Both the Telugu States were in mad race and offered almost every thing to the company competing with each other. Showing their list of incentives, the company has blackmailed Karnataka government about moving out the plant to AP and Telangana and have approved all their demands from them. The company has got good cuts in VAT, Entry tax, Stamp duty and Registration fees. The plant will now be set in Dharwada, Karnataka.

The company will be investing 2000 to 3000 Crores in this plant which will ensure 1000 direct employment. Hero MotoCorp is the leading two wheeler maker in the country. This is the sixth manufacturing facility for the company across the country. The company wants to setup the unit in South India so as to cater the needs of the region.