Here is the Likely Price of Each Vaccine Dose in Private HospitalsIndia has completed the vaccination of around 1.8 crore frontline workers so far. In the 2nd phase beginning 1st March, citizens above 60 years of age and above 45 years with comorbidities will be vaccinated at 10,000 government and 20,000 private centres. The government says there may be 55 Lakh people in this category.

The vaccines will be free at the government centers. The central government is yet to announce the cost of the vaccine doses that will be available in the private hospitals. Each dose is likely to be less than 500 Rupees, we are told. Each person needs to take two doses in the gap of 28 days. The prices are likely to be announced tomorrow or the day after.

The government will keep a vigil on the vaccine supply even in the private hospitals to avoid misuse. The details of the beneficiaries have to be uploaded in COWIN app to keep a track. The hospitals need to be answerable for the stock they receive from the government.

If the vaccines are priced more than that, the response is likely to be poor. On the other hand, the Government is keen on vaccinating as many people as possible with an impending second wave. Already, the cases are increasing in a few states ringing the danger bells.