here-is-a-glimpse-of-jayalalithaas-assetshere-is-a-glimpse-of-jayalalithaas-assetsWith the demise of Tamilnadu CM Jayalalithaa, lot of questions have been raised in people’s minds. Her post, her responsibilities, and her properties, etc. Her loyal disciple Panneerselvam has been given the privilege of becoming CM after Amma and Sashikala, her close friend has been made the in-charge of party affairs.

Let’s see what Jayalalitha owned and who is likely to be the heir of the same. As per the affidavit produced by her for RK Nagar constituency 2016 elections, she possessed assets worth 113.73 crores. Starting with the properties, she owned a land of 14.50 acres in Jeedimetla, a village of Telangana and 3.43 acres of land in Kanchipuram. Along with these, four commercial buildings one of which is located in Hyderabad. These properties would be handed over to Sashikala’s nephew V.S Sudhakar as per reports.

Coming to the gold and silver part, as Tamilnadu CM Jayalalithaa herself declared that she held 21280.300 gold which was under the custody of Karnataka treasury in the case of disproportionate assets and she owns silver articles of 1,250 kg.

Here is her vehicle count: two Toyota SUV’s, a tempo traveler, a Tempo tracx, a jeep, one Mahindra bolero, a Contessa, an ambassador car and a Swarj Mazda taxi which all together value Rs 42,25,000.

Her residence in Poes Garden spread over 24,000 square feet worth 43.96 crores would be Shashikal’s now. Reports say that as a partner, she had made investments worth 27.44 cores in five firms. Later as she declared the last time, she had 41,000 cash in hand. She hadn’t had any insurance policies, postal savings and also has not lent any personal loans as per the affidavit.