Ramoji-Rao-JaganYSR Congress Rajya Sabha MP Vijayasai Reddy responded on Vishakapatnam Land Scam allegations taking three days time.

Earlier, Vijayasai Reddy used to tell neither him nor his family have any lands or assets in Vishakapatnam except for his 3 BHK flat in Seethammadhara.

After Ramoji Rao exposed all the land details with survey numbers and registration dates, Sai Reddy changed his stance.

“Is Balakrishna responsible if Brahmani buys any lands? I have no businesses. I am not connected to the businesses of my daughter and son-in-law,” he said.

“Just because Ramu (Ramoji Rao) has a paper and channel, he is doing bad propaganda on me. I am going to launch my own Channel. I am coming into his business and show him how to run a channel. I am taking it as a channel,” Vijaysai Reddy announced.

Vijayasai was the vice-chairman of Jagathi Publications, the parent company of Sakshi media when YSR and Jagan started it to counter Eenadu group. He was also the founder director of the company and later exited.

Fourteen years after Sakshi’s existence, Vijayasai Reddy now challenges Ramoji Rao to start a media group to defeat the media Baron. In a way, Vijayasai Reddy admitted that Sakshi has failed to be match to Eenadu in all these years.

If someone like Vijayasai Reddy, the close aide of Jagan Mohan Reddy telling that, there is no chance of a debate.