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“Help a Seven Year Old Child Life”

Seven year old Anirudh Uddagiri, living in Manchester CT, was diagnosed a year ago with Fanconi Anemia, a very rare but lethal disease. There are only a few thousand people worldwide who are diagnosed and the only cure is through Bone Marrow transplant. So far, Doctors at Dana Faber Cancer Center where Anirudh is being treated have not found a bone marrow match from worldwide Donor list.

Please know that this is the last option for Anirudh and finding a Bone Marrow donor and a match is critically important for him.

Please have a heart, come forward and register to become a Bone Marrow Donor for Anirudh.

In order to register and find more information about Bone Marrow Donation, please see the following steps:
– Go to
– Click on “Get Started! Join the Registry Now” button at the bottom of the page
– Follow the prompts to complete the registration forms
– When asked for a Promo Code, enter ALL4Anirudh

Please contact Madhav Uddagiri at 860-212-8865 or [email protected] for any Details.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and kindness.


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