TDP_NaraLokesh_Yuva_GalamNara Lokesh’s Yuva Galam Padayatra is currently going on in Tirupati constituency of Chittoor district. The young leader has taken questions from the Youth in a program ‘Hello Lokesh’.

Since yesterday, the videos of the program are going viral on social media and social media in bits and pieces indicating massive success.

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Lokesh has taken questions on various topics ranging from his lifestyle to current politics. Unlike the usual politicians, the talk is more casual and connecting to youth.

He has taken questions about his favorite TV Show on Netflix, his day to day schedule in Padayatra, his opinion about Junior NTR‘s political entry, current Jagan government, vision for the youth, his previous works etc.

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The video content from Lokesh is more political so far but this content is different which helped the massive reach. On his part, Lokesh is pretty straightforward, clear, and subject-oriented.

Along with the content, the program design is also well thought out. The stage design in particular is too good. Lokesh is seen walking around the stage addressing the audience bring a new dimension to the political program which are otherwise boring.

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The moderation is also neat suiting the theme of the program. Lokesh slimmed down a lot during the Padayatra, his fit personality, dressing sense, the grey hairs in the beard – everything contributed to a confident young political leader. His body language and the confident answers have been an immense image building activity.

More of such programs will help TDP and Lokesh in the days to come. YSR Congress struggled to find content to troll Lokesh. The bits and pieces they got only exposed their desperation.